The Chelsea Dog
4515 Columbus Ave. Sandusky, Ohio 44870


PAWS 4 Dog Training
4 One Hour classes in positive reinforcement training
1. Positive leash lessons
Perfect leash handling skills for enjoyable walks and outings!
2. Awesome sits and downs
Achieving sits and downs anytime anywhere! 
3. World of distractions
Working with diversions and extras!
4. Super sit, stay and come!
Some recalls that your dog wants to do!

Sunday : 2019 MARCH CLASSES
3rd, 10th,  17th and 24th. 3:00-4:00 pm

7th, 14th, 28th & 5th

19th, 26th, 2nd, 9th

Private lessons are always available, use the forms below to schedule or sign up.

Private sessions are always available with appointment $40
I do NOT encourage the use of choker/prong or electric “training collars”
as solutions- these are tools for advanced training
I do encourage food and life rewards as positive feedback for wanted
behavior- we will focus on wanted behavior
I do not scold or painfully correct unwanted behavior- no more NO
I do encourage you and your family to have a positive and comfortable
relationship with your dog
I do train people!
Training classes will be learning dog vocabulary, body language
communication and peaceful people canine relationships
As well as life skills for going out in public and having visitors
I look forward to seeing you this winter! 
- Jessica Castello-owner operator

Positive Training
We offer positive reinforcement and holistic dog training.

Focusing on reinforcement, repetition, practice and reward we can help you communicate with your dog in a positive way to create a working relationship you will both enjoy. 
Fill out the form below to 
sign up for group classes!
Please be sure to indicate the class / classes you are interested in the Request section.
Fill out the form below to 
sign up for private lessons.
Please be sure to indicate the training skills you are interested in achieving the Comments section.
Open Group,  People Training classes
2019 will be Held every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. 
Beginning January 8th, classes will be 20$ each.